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17 November 2014

Get Boom Swimmer for your cart

Get Boom Swimmer for your cart

Music makes everything better. If you dispute this fact, then we cannot be friends.

If only there was a convenient way to bring it on the golf course with you. Boom! Now there is.

Now I'm not advocating bumping tunes so loud that it disturbs other golfers, but with the new Boom Swimmer, your group can have it's own tiny DJ spinning the hottest tracks your smart phone has to offer via Bluetooth technology.

While personal Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, the features on this one are a sight, and more importantly a sound, to behold.

It is completely waterproof, with the ability to play music while immersed in more than three feet of water for 30 minutes at a time. It comes with a tail attachment that can be looped, twisted or snaked around anything from a golf cart to a chain-link fence, or you can use the suction cup attachment on any flat surface for increased bass. The mounting possibilities are endless.

The Swimmer also has a lithium-ion battery that gives you up to eight hours of playback with just two hours of charge time. If you can't squeeze in 18 holes in that amount of time, I feel bad for you.

When you're done on the course, the Swimmer easily tansitions to whatever you have planned next. Whether you're showering off, going for a bike ride or just hanging out, if you can loop it, set it or stick it, the Swimmer is the perfect companion for almost any activity.

The Boom Swimmer retails for $59.95 and comes in several colors including mint, blue, white, red and grey.

For more information or to make a purchase, check it out online.


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