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23 February 2017

Get SPOTTED on (and off) the course

I’m not ashamed to admit that there are certain situations for which I don’t have a lot of clothing options. However, a new line made in the United States may be a lifesaver.

When I head into the office or a business meeting, I’ve got plenty of suits, shirts, and ties to choose from. When I hit the golf course, I don’t know many that can rival the array of colors and styles I have to pick from. It’s when we’re going out for a night on the town that I don’t know what to wear.

Thanks to Ari Jogiel, my horizons have expanded. Following a success Kickstarter campaign, Jogiel’s company has a new connection to the golf industry that will introduce its line to a broader market.

LEOPARDËT (pronounced leopard-DET) is the brainchild of Jogiel, who moved to the United States from Mexico at age 12 and became interested in fashion, music, and entertainment. He wanted to create a clothing line designed and manufactured in the United States; the look and feel of LEOPARDËT is very much a reflection of the hip Los Angeles environment that inspired it.

How does this relate to the golf industry? All it takes is one super cool player – it helps that he’s something of a EuroTour lady magnet – to wear a unique sweater from a new designer to get the ball rolling. That’s what Emiliano Grillo (pictured, left) did for LEOPARDËT after being spotted with one of the coolest sweaters I’ve seen in a long time. (Order yours here, the guys at the course will be talking about the leopard for weeks!)

Looking at the LEOPARDËT website will have you wondering how the company plans to conquer the golf scene. Jogiel says not to worry because more golf attire is coming. “My plan is to shift entirely to golf since I believe my brand could fill the need for a cool and hip brand in the market.”

In addition to chatting with Jogiel, I’ve had the privilege of adding a few pieces to my wardrobe. I found the t-shirts and sweaters to be both stylish and comfortable. You can tell after just one wear that the materials are high quality and the fit well designed.

LEOPARDËT isn’t a line you’re likely to find in a store (yet), but their website does a great job of modeling each and every piece and makes ordering a breeze. Check it out for yourself – be done with boring golf clothes – and share a pic of you in your new gear.


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