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10 January 2015

Sound on (and off) the course

Sound on (and off) the course
You’re not allowed to listen to music while playing competitive rounds, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't have tunes while you’re practicing.

I play a lot of tournament rounds each year. More than that, though, I practice a lot and play more than my fair share of rounds with guys in our men’s club. We’re playing for money, but no one really follows the rules for tournament golf.

Most of the guys have music playing while we’re on the course.

Now, there are a couple of ways they’re playing the music. Some have their phones playing and some have stereos built into their carts. I like to walk and have finally found the perfect music playing option: Puma SOUNDCHUCK.

Yup, it’s exactly like it sounds. Shaped like nunchucks, the Puma SOUNDCHUCK is two cylindrical speakers connected by a rubber band that can be hung around a club in your golf bag. They produce big sound and look GREAT on the course.

The new PUMA SOUNDCHUCK product features include:
  • Wireless, pairing with any Bluetooth Audio device
  • A lightweight, sleek design weighing less than 1 pound
  • Weather resistant and great for indoor or outdoor use
  • 6+ hours of battery life
  • Ease of use and ease of charge with a Micro-USB Cable
  • Voice prompt activated
  • Unique speakers that can magnetically connect together
  • Take and answer calls via the built-in microphone
  • Crystal clear Hi-Fi acoustics
This was the next step for Puma after introducing sport earbuds early in 2013.
How can you buy the SOUNDCHUCK for yourself? I found several on and, but they’re also available on the Puma Golf website.

PUMA SOUNDCHUCK™ from The Focused Space Live on Vimeo.


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